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                             ~ Irish Citizenship Service ~                

If you are the child or grandchild of an Irish born citizen you are entitled to become an Irish citizen yourself.  We can assist you in tracing the legal documents necessary for Irish Citizenship / Irish Passport Application purposes.
Irish law allows you to hold Dual Citizenship so you do not have to relinquish your own citizenship. As an Irish citizen you will automatically become a citizen of the European Union (EU) and eligible to live and work in any EU states.

Free Assessment.
If you are unsure whether you qualify for Irish Citizenship by Descent, e-mail us details of your Irish ancestry and we will assess your claim. Contact us at

If you are eligible for Irish Citizenship by Descent we offer the following premium services for anyone who needs to trace legal documents for naturalization purposes.

Option I: Document Research & Retrieval Option
We can undertake an extensive search for all documents needed from the Irish side to apply for Irish Citizenship and/or to become and Irish Passport holder.  The most vital document you will need is the record of the Irish birth of your parent/grandparent. This includes researching the relevant documents (birth and marriage certificates etc) and sending the certified, official copies to you as quickly as possible. 

Civil Certified records - Births and Marriages - will be provided if your ancestor was born and/or married in Ireland after 1864, when civil records began. If your ancestor was born prior to 1864 we can do a search for a baptism record in the local parish records.  If your Irish ancestor was born/married/died in the UK we can also provide these records.
In order to begin this process you can contact us at

All of the above for a once-off payment of $280.  

Option II: Research and Consultancy Option
This option includes all of the above as detailed above under option 1 - i.e research on and provision of the civil certified Irish records needed to apply for Irish citizenship/passport as well as advice and consultancy on the whole application process.  
We source Irish documents and either source application forms or inform you where to get them. We also offer advice on what documents you need to source, for the application, in your own country.
We then go through the application process, step by step, with you and help complete the whole process.  In addition we provide an advisory service which you can consult with, via e-mail or telephone, during the entire application process. 
n order to begin this process you can contact us at

All of the above for a once-off payment of $390.  

Check out our new Genealogy Research/Irish Citizenship Bundle

Option III: Genealogy Research/Irish Citizenship Bundle

Our Genealogy Research/Irish Citizenship Bundle combines our full Irish citizenship research & consultancy option which helps you gain your dual Irish citizenship with our 10- hour comprehensive genealogy service which will give the full history of your Irish family roots, going back as far as the records allow. Saving you up to $250, this bundle is changed at @ US$520
(420, Stg£340, CAN$530, AUS$580)

In order to begin this process you can contact us at

For Irish Citizenship Services we accept payment by all major credit cards or by check

Who can Apply.

The Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act of 1956 provides that certain specific persons who are not born on Irish soil may claim Irish citizenship by descent and ancestry. Those who are eligible include:

  1. The child or grandchild of an Irish-born citizen.
  2. The children of Irish citizen's who obtained citizenship through prior registration.
  3. The children of a naturalized Irish citizen

Irish law permits dual citizenship and does not require applicants to renounce any other citizenship(Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts 1956/1986)

Advantages to holding Dual Irish Citizenship / Irish Passport

  • An Irish passport allows you  access to any of the Member States of the European Union. You can live and work in any Member State including  Britain, France, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, most of the eastern European States etc (in all 27 European countries) An increasing number of North American and Australasian companies conduct business in the European Union (EU). In these circumstances, any individual holding a passport from an EU member state can work and travel freely without a visa.
  • Safe international travel
  • Corporate Expansion in the European Union/European Investment
  • Retirement Planning.  You can retire to Ireland where medical costs are a fraction of the cost in most other counties.
  • Dual Citizenship allows you to be proud of your Irish past while acknowledging your own native born allegiances

Countries in which you can live,work, study or retire if you are an Irish citizen.

Czech Republic

For more information about our services please contact us at
Contact us by telephone at 00353-86-827 4886.

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