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            Genealogy Research Service       

There are over 40 million people of Irish descent worldwide -are you one?  Finding your Irish Family Roots can be a time consuming task!  We are here to find those elusive Irish ancestors for you. 
We provide a highly professional, experienced and accurate genealogy research service.  We include below a number of search options, tailored to meet your particular research  needs. 

            Free Genealogy Assessment @

If you wish our genealogist to advise you on your Irish genealogy research strategy please e-mail us at
Do give as much information on your family as possible - names of Irish ancestors, dates of birth, marriage etc., emigration date if known etc.  Using this information we will do a free assessment of your family history and make recommendations for further research etc.
Should research in Ireland be advisable to complete your family history we can then provide the research options outlined below.

        Genealogy Research Options;   - special 2012 Autumn sale prices.

* Exploratory: 4 hours archival research of the Irish civil (birth, death
   marriage records, census returns), parish records - plus full report and family tree
   based on the records found. @ 160
   (US$180, Stg£150, CAN$210, AUS$250)

* Extended: 6 hours of dedicated archival research of the Irish civil, census
   returns, census substitutes, parish and land records -plus full report and family
   tree based on the records found @ 250
   (US$280, Stg£240, Can$120, AUS$380)

* Comprehensive: 10 hours dedicated archival and related source material
   research of the civil and census returns and census substitute records, parish
   records,  land and tithe records, graveyard records, wills and deeds and
   other appropriate related records - plus full report and family tree
   based on the records found.@ 350
(US$390, Stg£320, CAN$440, AUS$540)

* NEW    Genealogy Research/Irish Citizenship Bundle:
   Our Genealogy Research/Irish Citizenship Bundle combines our full Irish  
   citizenship research & consultancy option which helps you gain your dual Irish
   citizenship with our 10- hour comprehensive genealogy service which will give
   the full history of your Irish family roots, going back as far as the records allow.
   Saving you up to $250, this bundle is changed at @US$520
(Stg£340, CAN$530, AUS$580)

For our Genealogy services we can accept payment by all major credit cards or by check.

For our free assessment e-mail us at and enclose as much information on your Irish family history as you have to date.

See our Guide to Irish Genealogy Research to help you get started on your research. 

The completed Research Report includes:

* A detailed report on your Irish family history based on the  records, the history of the family name and details of all records which  relate to your family, plus a specially created family tree - based on the records found.

* The report also outlines in detail all research undertaken and all sources consulted

* We then give you an outline of the history of Ireland at the time your ancestor’s emigrated and explain how they were effected by the social, economic and cultural events of their time.

* All of this comes in a hard bound copy produced in high quality paper.  Included will be be the copies of any census returns, birth, marriage and death certificates and land records etc.  We also send you an e-mailed copy of your family history report

new For 2012

Check out our new   

Irish Citizenship/ Irish Genealogy Research Bundle.

Eligible for Irish Citizenship? - see our Naturalization Service for details.   

Genealogy Gift Certificates
'The Gift of Family'
a unique Gift suitable for all those special occasions.

e-mail for your free genealogy assessment bithcertsLITE.gif (3920 bytes)

We guarantee professional research, at a very reasonable rate.
Due to the nature of genealogical research, we cannot guarantee a positive result every time.

Morrigan Research Services works on a pre-payment basis. 


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